The Crucible Concept

Pressures and challenges are inevitable in the modern workplace. It is easy to become stressed and frustrated with a given moment or situation. The Crucible Concept teaches that these moments, and the experiences learned from them, can become the foundation for a lifetime of future success.

By visualizing career challenges as a “crucible” an individual can take ownership of uncomfortable moments and turn them into learning opportunities that provide context for further career growth. In addition, these moments of reflection can provide greater awareness of preferences in work style, individual strengths, etc.

I ask, do we seek to surrender ourselves to adversity or to rise above it?

We should endeavor to be our of “Shamans of Self Discovery” as we are formed by The Crucible Concept.

About John

John A. Bruder has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. In his working life he’s experienced several different roles and organizations. Felt anger and empathy. Faced failure and frustration. And been able to learn and grow from all of it to become happier and more fulfilled than ever.

He has taken his years of counseling colleagues and friends and combined them with the tips and tricks he came across over time in the hopes that others might find their way through their own personal storms.

John’s “day job” is in software sales. When not working he also enjoys spending time with family and friends (particularly his kids), playing guitar and Star Wars.