To be happier and healthier, be grateful.

Thank you! Being able to recognize and express gratitude is the killer app for your mental health. When gratefulness becomes a habit, it not only lifts those people receiving your gratitude but it can also change the neural pathways of your brain to help you sleep better, eat better, and exercise more.

About David

David Perks is the Founder and CEO of the job performance feedback website www.paycompliment.com

During his career as a regional leader of IT Services firm EDS, David experienced the challenges and frustrations of managing large, distributed and cross cultural teams using practices such as job families, competency frameworks, 360 degree feedback, and forced performance rankings.

At this time David began using detailed hand written letters of appreciation, delivered in private, as a personal means of recognising high performance or exceptional effort.  This worked well in all cultures and all age groups and became a significant motivator that was not at the mercy of spending freezes or budget cuts.

The longevity of these letters only struck home some time later, when an employee revealed he still had his letter of 4 years prior and re-read it when he was feeling disengaged.

David’s passion for leadership has led him to research the drivers behind employee motivation, team dynamics and performance, to apply these to his own business, and ultimately to productise them for other organisations to adopt.